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Paste Go Maxthon add-on that will launch the clipboard data in a new window as if it was an URL
Size: 8 KB
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url clipboard maxthon add-on maxthon plugin  
Paste It Paste It is designed to emulate keystrokes from a script file.
Size: 78 KB
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intro file hider windows vista full oracle 9i software  
Paste and Go Paste and Go in form fields
Size: 5 KB
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form add-on fields Firefox extension paste firefox add-on  
Paste Paste 1.0 A Program which saves text, to paste it to the clipboard, by clicking onto it
Size: 296 KB
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paste automatically paste Paste As Plugin Paste As  
Paste Into Paste a resized picture into a selection with optional wrap to the selection.
Size: 415KB
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microsoft picture manager Cut and paste adobe acrobat 6.0  
Many Paste Keep track of all your previously copied items and get fast acess to them !
Size: 544 KB
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paste Paste Text copy and paste fast track track fast  

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! - Clipboard & Bookmark by M8 The M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you cut or copy from any program
Size: 1.8 MB
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copy cut clipboard Windows clipboard bookmark  
QClip A simple clipboard enhancement that enables Windows users to paste text that was clipped earlier
Size: 179 KB
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copy data copy data manager monitor clipboard clipboard  
DzSoft Paste & Save Helps to gather and sort text information - saves text copied to Clipboard
Size: 1.12 MB
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editor edit copy web print save clipboard text text  
PCE Will uncage your creativity and make it possible to share ideas with others in a self-determined manner.
Size: 2.9 MB
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editor text text editor paste edit text files  
Pasty Hotkey pastes selected text in Windows Search or other search engine
Size: 365 KB
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text clipboard paste text search engine windows search  
Text Buttons Enables you to place often used pieces of text behind anything up to 750 buttons
Size: 265 KB
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copy buttons text paste Paste Text store text  

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Softinabox Paste Fast Softinabox paste Fast is a powerful utility that makes it quick and easy to paste any information into any application. Do you wish that there was an easy way to paste the things you most commonly typ...
Size: 1.34MB
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paste Paste As Plain Paste paste fast how to paste  
CastlePaste 1.02.4 Castlepaste allows you to easily paste the text you want into the program you are running. CastlePaste follows the currently active window, so it is always there when you need it. No more switching be...
Size: 1.2 MB
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active program viewer active program  
SysTools Paste SysTools paste is a handy and reliable application designed to paste files and folders without making changes to the date modified properties. Usage is simple: when you want to paste a file without da...
Size: 912 KB
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copy date paste  
Comfort Paste Comfort paste is a template manager you can use to quickly paste frequently used text fragments or images. Comfort Paste will allow you to quickly complete the following tasks such as paste frequently...
Size: 1.7 MB
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template macro paste Text Template repeat fragments  
Paste It EditBy [b]paste It[/b] is designed to emulate keystrokes from a script file.It has various functions to help automate tasks on windows.Each script file can be run by a user defined HotKey and have it'...
Size: 78 KB
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intro file hider windows vista full oracle 9i software  
Swift Paste Swift paste is a powerful clipboard floating bar. As you know, Windows clipboard is able to store only one data when you cut/copy data. Swift Paste can store multiple clipboard data and easy paste thi...
Size: 1.09MB
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